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Basic Supervisory Skill

Instructor by : Syafaruddin Alwi  OVERVIEW Supervisory skills training is essential because becoming a supervisor or manager demands new skills, you must now learn how to lead and accomplish tasks through others. This one day seminar is excellent for the new supervisor or manager and also for those who need to have a refresher on their supervision skills. There will be ...

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Project Management, Planning, Control, Schedulling and Financing Analysis

Instructor by : Moeljono  OBJECTIVE As a project manager, you need the tools and techniques to plan today’s complex, fast-moving projects. Project management, planning, control, scheduling and financing are critical functions for managing projects successfully. These are the stepping stones for effective control of the project. This course enables you to plan your projects effectively with the understanding of best ...

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Marketing Strategy And Planning

DESKRIPSI Setelah perusahaan menetapkan sasaran pemasarannya (marketing objectives), maka proses yang selanjutnya dilaksanakan adalah merumuskan dan menyusun Marketing Strategy & Planning (Strategi dan Perencanaan Pemasaran). Marketing Strategy adalah suatu cara atau metode yang digunakan untuk mencapai sasaran pemasaran tersebut. Marketing Plan adalah serangkaian aktifitas yang perlu dijalankan yang merupakan implementasi dari Marketing Strategy dalam rangka pencapaian sasaran pemasaran. Secara umum ...

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Maintenance Planning And Work Control

Instructor by : Mr. Ating Sudradjat Ir. M.Sc  INTRODUCTION Maintenance planning and scheduling are the fastest and most effective investments that an organization can make to improve plant productivity and equipment availability. Planning and scheduling using structured and systematic approaches are critical for every successful plant. The techniques that participants will learn in this course will allow for effective planning ...

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Budgeting Planning And Cost Control

MANFAAT Setelah menyelesaikan kursus, peserta akan dapat : Memahami tentang unsur-unsur penting dalam budgeting Perencanaan keuangan, penetapan biaya, penganggaran dan penilaian proyek Untuk penelaahan terhadap konsep dan praktek penganggaran dan pengendalian biaya POKOK BAHASAN 1. Pendahuluan Untuk Penganggaran, Akuntansi & Manajemen Arus Kas Jenis-jenis Anggaran Keuntungan dan Kerugian dari Anggaran Proses Penganggaran Memahami Control Mekanisme 2. Menyiapkan Prakiraan Anggaran Mengumpulkan ...

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