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Electrical Motor Diagnose

OBJECTIVE Clear understanding of basic motor theory and insulation properties What tests should be done and when What the benefits are to consistent testing of rotating machinery OUTLINE 1. General Motor Design and Operation Basic Motor Teory AC Motors Power System Effects on Motors Application of Motor Loads High Efficiency Motors 2. Motor Testing Methods Dielectric Strength of Motor Winding ...

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Pemeliharaan Motor Listrik AC dan DC

OBJECTIVE Pelatihan ini memberikan pengetahuan dan wawasan tentang operasi dan pemeliharaan motor-motor listrik di Industri. Pelatihan ditekankan pada Konstruksi, Prinsip operasi Instalasi dan Pemeliharaan motor listrik serta cara-cara melakukan pengujian komponen, instalasi, proteksi dan trouble shooting. Dengan demikian diharapkan peserta pelatihan memahami Instalasi, operasi, proteksi dan pemeliharaan motor-motor listrik secara komprehensif. OUTLINE MATERI Electric Motor Fundamental (Fundamental Concepts, DC Motor, Type ...

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Generator Motor Trafo and MV Protection

OBJECTIVE It introduces the subject of protection as an art where technical and economical constraints are to be met and compromised to achieve certain engineering requirements. Learn to develop and manage well-protected plants that lead to a higher security, less outages and hence better profitability. The course introduces new technologies used in relaying systems such as microprocessor and computer relaying ...

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Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance

OBJECTIVE Pelatihan ini memberikan pengetahuan mengenai perawatan dan perbaikan peralatan lestrik dan mekanik yang ada di industry. Pelatihan ditekankan pada system instalasi listrik, motor=motor listrik, pompa maupun compressor.setelah mengikuti pelatihan pelatihan diharapkan para peserta dapat : Meahami system instalasi listrik dan hukum dasar kelistrikan Memahami Persyaratan Umum Instalasi Tenaga Listrik di Industri Menganalisa Diagram Instalasi Tenaga Listrik dan melakukan troubleshooting ...

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