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Heat Exchangers

LATAR BELAKANG Alat-alat Penukar Kalor (Heat-Exchangers) berperan penting dalam mengkondisikan fluida sehingga fluida yang bersangkutan layak melakukan proses selanjutnya, seperti, sebagai agen proses industri, transportasi energi, pengukuran/pengontrolan, perubahan fasa dan lain sebagainya. Kegagalan operasi suatu Alat Penukar Kalor menyebabkan terganggu atau terhentinya proses total pada suatu industri (kilang). Keandalan suatu proses atau operasi sangat tergantung pada kesiapan sumber daya manusia ...

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Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Instructor by : Ating Sudradjat  OBJECTIVE Preventive and predictive maintenance is a maintenance system which very reliable to prevent some sudden troubles or breakdown that may happened on factory’s tools/equipments. The sudden troubles are very potential things that caused a big loss in production process. The effects of this problem are some failure to achieve production target, the lack of ...

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Bearing Technology and Lubricant

Instructor by : Andi Sularto  ABSTRACT This course covers real-world bearing lubrication in a dynamic, skills-based learning approach. Upon course completion, students will have learned the skills needed to choose, apply and maintain lubricants in bearing applications plant wide. Upon completion this course Participant will be able to evaluate and select appropriate lubricants for a wide variety of rolling element ...

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Maintenance of Pump and Compressor

PURPOSE This course identifies the various types of pumps and compressors commonly used in industry. It teaches the fundamentals of troubleshooting these pumps and compressors through visible observation of symptoms and recognizing problems related to fluid flow. OBJECTIVES Identify different types of pumps and compressors Recognize problematic symptoms associated with mechanical failure or fluid flow Apply corrective measures in repairing ...

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