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Drilling Technology Fundamental

27 - 29 November 2018, Grand Tjokro Hotel, BandungDESCRIPTION This course will update the participants with both fundamentals and up-to date technology of drilling. It presents up-to date information on drilling rig types and personnel. Rig systems, preparing for drilling and drilling operations different types of casing and their design, cementing practices hole problems, and horizontal and directional drilling are ...

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Steam Turbine : Operation and Maintenance

OBJECTIVE In the process industry of petrochemical, refinery, power plant, palm oil, pulp and paper, sugar cane, and marine the steam generator and the steam turbine are the couple that can not be separated in each function to produce power. They are taking major function and even as critical equipment. As critical equipments they must be operated and maintained by ...

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Electrical, Instrumentation And Control System

Instructor by : Tugino  DESKRIPSI How the various instruments measure temperature, pressure, flowrate, level and position, pH, weight and density What causes errors in instruments, plus how to minimize and troubleshoot them What the differences are between open and closed loop controls, feedback and feed forward controls, PLC, DCS and stand-alone controllers How analog signals are produced, processed, and protected ...

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