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Managing Supply Chain Operation

3 – 5 Desember 2013, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel Yogyakarta   OVERVIEW The course shows how to effectively manage your chain supply operations to lead you to a competitive advantage through improvements in customer service at lower operational costs. OUTLINE Fundamentals of a Supply Chain The supply chain concept and its evolution The supply chain and its role in business operations The ...

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Heat Exchangers

LATAR BELAKANG Alat-alat Penukar Kalor (Heat-Exchangers) berperan penting dalam mengkondisikan fluida sehingga fluida yang bersangkutan layak melakukan proses selanjutnya, seperti, sebagai agen proses industri, transportasi energi, pengukuran/pengontrolan, perubahan fasa dan lain sebagainya. Kegagalan operasi suatu Alat Penukar Kalor menyebabkan terganggu atau terhentinya proses total pada suatu industri (kilang). Keandalan suatu proses atau operasi sangat tergantung pada kesiapan sumber daya manusia ...

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Media Communication

This course is ideal for participants who have limited or no experience with the media and need to understand how the media operates, effectively communicate their messages in the media, start or expand a media/PR career. OUTCOME – For Participants: Greater confidence when preparing and delivering media presentations. Clear understanding of how technical elements can impact on your performance. Physical ...

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Fundamental Control Valve

15 – 17 Januari 2014, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel 9 – 11 Desember 2013, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel Instructor by : Saripudin Shabari ST., MT OVERVIEW This course is designed to familiarize application personnel with basic control valve theory and application. Topics covered include basic process theory, control valve designs, actuation, and instrumentation. Participants will obtain an understanding of basic control valve ...

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Control Valve and Sizing : Selection and Maintenance

Instructor by : Saripudin  OBJECTIVE Understand what happens inside a control valve from basic fluid mechanics point of view Appreciate the difference between cavitation and flashing, and know what choked flow is Do simple calculations to determine CV values Recognise severe service applications and have an appreciation for the methods of tackling the problems associated with such applications Know about ...

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