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Mining, Oil And Gas

Welding Technology

13 – 15 November 2013, Golden Flower Hotel Bandung   AIM To give engineering personnel an insight into a range of welding technologies, to understand welding and fabrication processes to produce fit-for-purpose welds for specific applications, and to raise understanding and awareness of the safety issues associated with welding.   PARTICIPANTS Engineers and engineering trades personnel in the Mining and Resources ...

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Surface Production System & Facility

2 – 5 Desember 2013, Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta Instructor by : Dr. Ir. Drs. Herianto, MSc. & Team   OBJECTIVES Understand the basic concept of oil and gas handling processes and facilities, and how to operate this technology in field application. Diagnostic of oil and gas reservoir performance under actual drive mecanism and future performance with current handling processes. Analyze ...

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Production Optimization of Oil and Gas

Instructor by : I Nengah Diasta 25 – 28 November 2013, Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta OBJECTIVES Make basic PVT properties and inflow performance calculations related to artificial lift Understand and apply multiphase tubing and pipe flow principles Select the appropriate artificial lift system Compare systems to determine what system is most economically feasible Specify components and auxiliary equipment needed for ...

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Aspek Teknik Komponen Dalam Negri (TKDN)

Instructor by : Drs. Isnu Sy. Hartoko Bc.M., MPd. 25 – 27 November 2013, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta PENDAHULUAN Masalah procurement management merupakan masalah yang sangat penting bagi kehidupan sebuah perusahaan. Industri manufaktur rata-rata menghabiskan lebih dari 65% cost of good manufactured nya untuk biaya material begitu pula industri migas. Pengadaan barang dan jasa baik untuk Capex maupun Opex memegang ...

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