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Waste Water Treatment and Sanitary Sewage


1. WWT characteristic and mapping

2. Memilih proses yang tepat di dalam mengolah limbah industri

3. Prinsip dasar teknologi pengolahan limbah dan perkembangannya (sedimentasi, aerobic, anaerobic)

4. WWT process parameter control

5. WWT monitoring tools, seperti COD, BOD, TSS, FM ratio, MCRT, RAS, WAS, VOL, SVI, OUR dan lain lain

6. WWT process improvement

7. Domestic waste water

8. Perkembangan technology bidang WWT (aerobic, anaerobic, chemical treatment dll)

9. Solid treatment

10. Perhitungan WWT design & expansion

11. PROPER system

12. Peluang CDM di area WWT

13. Overview of Sanitary Sewer Systems

  • Sewer metrics and characteristics
  • Planning, designing, upgrading, operating
  • National trends

14. Codes and Regulations

  • Combined and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (CSO and SSO)
  • CMOM programs – Capacity, Maintenance, Operations, Management
  • Blending policies, capacity assurance programs

15. Design Flows and System Models

  • Selecting flows for upgrades and new projects
  • Peaking factors, probability and recurrence intervals
  • Hydraulic models and when to use them

16. Hydraulics of Sanitary Sewers

  • Open channel and pressurized pipe flow
  • Forcemains and air release valves
  • Potential problems that can occur

17. Pumping Stations and Lift Stations

  • Station types, pros and cons
  • Operating strategies and reliability
  • Variable speed, constant speed, and storage

18. Pipe Materials and Appurtenances

  • Gravity and forcemain piping
  • PVC, FRP, ductile iron, HDPE
  • Manholes, service laterals, connections

19. Reducing Infiltration/Inflow and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs)

  • Determining the quantity of I/I in your system
  • Smoke testing, dye testing, televising, and inspection programs
  • NASSCO manhole and pipeline assessments

20. Sewer Construction Costs

  • Unit prices, materials, and crew costs
  • Materials, depths, sizes, site conditions, crossings
  • Bidding exercise

21. Pipe Rehabilitation and Repair Technologies

  • Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP)
  • Pilot tube micro-tunneling
  • Trenchless and semi-trenchless technologies
  • Manholes and lateral rehabilitation




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